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Hi friends! It’s been nice living without wedding stress for a while. Daniel and I are so excited to go on our honeymoon this week. When we were planning, we decided to wait a couple weeks after the wedding to go on our honeymoon, thinking it would give us a chance to catch our breath and get all our normal life stuff squared away before going. But now we realize that two weeks was probably too long of a gap. It’s been weird trying to get back to our normal routine while also being excited to go on a big trip. I think it’s probably best to go on your honeymoon right away if you can. But the wait is almost over and we’ve been having a lot of fun planning what we’re going to do, see, and eat in Hawaii. I loved your suggestions for Maui and Kauai, so thank you! Keep the advice comin’!

In between staring at yelp reviews of every restaurant on Maui, I came across some interesting links:

Here is an article from National Geographic about why archeologists haven’t been able to find any of Columbus’s ships despite years of searching.

Warren Buffet has a notoriously kid-like diet, full of fast food and soda. He famously joked, “I checked the actuarial tables, and the lowest death rate is among 6-year-olds, so I decided to eat like a 6-year-old.” I’m not sure if he always eats like this or just publicizes his love of Dairy Queen and Coke because he owns so many shares in the companies. But this reporter tried the diet for a week and found it pretty difficult.

A survivalist who stockpiled 45 years’ worth of food decided Puerto Rico needed it more than he did.

A man who was arrested in Wyoming for public intoxication claims he is a time traveler from 2048 and came to warn the citizens of Casper of an impending alien invasion.

Here are some bizarre sandwich combinations from restaurants around the country. Does a PB&J burger sounds good to you?

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