Two nights ago, Alexis and I had an ice cream date on my last night in the city.

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She went raspberry sorbet and I rolled coffee Haagen Dazs. 

When the plan to walk across the country was formed and solidified, I never imagined in my wildest dreams that a girl would come along that would make leaving town so difficult. I spent months and months day-dreaming about the adventures and mis-adventures I would find myself in. The people I’d meet. The sights, the landmarks, the everything. Every day I played and replayed every aspect of the walk in my head. Being a little sad to leave wasn’t one of them.

And she’s been nothing but supportive. And with iPhones and Internet and Snapchat and Facebook and Facetime and Skype it’s a little easier to stay together, but man it’s hard. It’s so hard and, in some ways, the whole endeavor would be easier if we had never met. In other ways, though, it’s going to be so much easier. The emails and the cheesy cheek-kissing pictures and the occasional flirty text… just having her there–it’s all going to be so incredibly helpful. 

And I’m still so incredibly stoked to go, and she’s stoked for me. And seven or eight months from now when I land back in Little Rock it will all have been worth it, but right now… it’s just a little hard to leave.

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