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Hi friends!

Time to share some fun things I’ve discovered lately. Everything from toys Squish is loving to things I want for Christmas!

Popular Playthings Mix & Match Vehicles (affiliate link)

Squish got these for his birthday and he loves them! They have wheels so you can roll them around and you can rearrange all the parts to make your own types of vehicles.


Magna-Tiles (affiliate link)

They have these at our local library and Squish has enjoyed playing with them so I put him on his birthday list and they’ve been a big hit! And not just for him! Little Miss likes stacking up the different shapes, hubby has been known to build with them after the kids go to bed and I find picking them up and organizing them oddly therapeutic 🙂

ooly arts and crafts


Ooly Arts and Crafts

So I actually found this company last week when I accidentally tagged them in my post when I meant to tag Ooly the Sleep Owl company. Turns out this Ooly company is also fabulous and have all sorts of amazing arts and crafts supplies. They even have these fun gift sets for different ages. I love this Little Artist Gift Set for Toddlers! And the website is not just geared at kids. There are plenty of supplies adults would love as well.

gretchen roehrs

Gretchen Roehrs

I’m so in love with her food art. Her creativity astounds me. Be sure to follow her on Instagram.




If you’re a blogger or entrepreneur who uses Instagram, check out Linktree. It lets you use the link in your profile to bring up a page showing multiple links. So you can link to multiple different recipes, areas of your website etc to allow your followers to easily navigate to them with just a click or two!

ember mug

Ember Mug

I cannot even tell you how much I need this mug. Someone told me about it on IG yesterday after I reheated my coffee for the 3rd time. Apparently, you charge it up overnight and then once you fill it, it keeps your beverage hot (at whatever temperature you choose!) until it’s gone. They also have a travel mug version.


Ok that’s it for today. Tell me something cool you’ve found lately!




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