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Hi friends!

Time for another round of Thursday Things. Sharing some fun things I’ve discovered recently. Not sponsored, just sharing for fun!

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer (affiliate link)

I bought this after my friend Katy raved about it and I love it! It’s taking a little practice but I can have my hair dry and straight (mostly) in under 10 minutes. Way easier than trying to dry it all and then straighten it.

Yao Cheng Designs

I feel like I’ve been using a few too many paper towels lately so I want to get some fun new towels for my kitchen to help remind myself to use them instead. I love so many of the watercolor tea towels on this site. There are also prints, pillows and stationery.


Just bought one of these to try out! Anyone ever tried one? I’m interested to see if it makes holding your phone more comfortable. I’ll report back!


They just opened this store at the mall near me and I can’t wait to check it out. Such cute stuff. Helllllllo Christmas list!


Have you tried this? I love that it’s plant-based and higher in protein than almond and coconut milk. They also have kid-sized cartons. I think Squish might like the chocolate version as a special treat.

Little Baby Bum

A popular kids you tube channel that we’ve been watching lately. Lots of fun nursery rhyme songs that help kids learn their colors, letters, etc. Squish loves it.

Cuddle + Kind

My friend introduced me to these adorable dolls yesterday. These ethically produced, hand knit dolls come in two sizes and a variety of different animals. AND for every doll sold, the company provides 10 meals to a child in need.

That’s it for this week!


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