Recipe Round-up: Issue 47

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Full Plate recipes help you lose weight because they’re both slimming and filling.

The more fiber a recipe contains the better it is for losing weight and filling you up.

We categorize our recipes 3 ways, good, better, best.

  • GOOD recipes contain an above average amount of fiber
  • BETTER recipes contain a higher amount of fiber
  • BEST recipes contain the highest amount of fiber

Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal [Best Choice]

Here’s a fun way to start off Thanksgiving festivities early. The night before, add the ingredients for this tasty recipe to your crockpot.

In the morning, you’ll treat your loved ones to a nice, warm breakfast that tastes just like their favorite dessert. Let them top it with a handful of pecans and their favorite fall fruit – chopped apples, persimmons, or pears.

Apple Cranberry Spinach Salad [Better Choice]

Image and Recipe Credit: Julia with

Traditional Thanksgiving dinners often lack a nice tasty salad, which just so happens to be an incredibly easy way to add more fiber to a meal that is generally low in this nutrient.

Dried cranberries and seasonal apples make this a perfect holiday salad. The spinach, apples, dried cranberries and even cashews all add a bit of fiber to the dish, so it’s a tasty way to pump up your fiber intake for Thanksgiving dinner.

Baked Apple Lattice Pies [Better Choice]

Apple pie might not be a great weight loss food, but these cute apple pies are a much better choice. You get the flavor and texture of apple pie, without worrying about weight gain.

Cranberry Orange Glazed Green Beans [Best Choice]

These orange glazed green beans are perfect for your holiday meal

Image and Recipe Credit: Brianna with

Oftentimes Thanksgiving veggies are smothered in rich sauces or bacon, which adds a lot of fat to the dish, and the recipe is no longer weight loss friendly.

These green beans stay on the slimming side, without being ordinary. The cranberries and orange glaze give them a sweet holiday twist without adding extra fat, which makes it a much more slimming dish.

Whole Wheat Stuffing [Good Choice]

This year, make this slightly more slimming Thanksgiving stuffing instead of the traditional one.

This tasty recipe uses whole wheat bread, which has been shown to promote a slimmer waistline. Nutty pecans and tart cherries punch up the flavor in this typically savory dish.

Slimming Tip: Stuffing is one of the more calorie dense dishes at Thanksgiving meals because it’s pretty low in fiber. So be sure you add plenty of veggie dishes to your plate – crank up the fiber, and the calories balance themselves out.

Navigating holiday meals is tricky when trying to prevent weight gain. That’s why we’ve created our Holiday Survival Guide. We share full menus for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, slimmed down traditional holiday dishes, and guilt-free dessert recipes. And you won’t want to miss our tips and tricks for navigating the holidays without dreading the scale in January. Download your guide here.

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