Recipe Round-Up Issue 46 of 2017

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Chicken – The Greek Way [Good choice]

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Next time your family requests chicken for dinner, steal this brilliant idea from the Greeks – cook your chicken on a bed of lentils. You’ll have an already made side dish with the lentils, and best of all, it all cooks overnight in the crock pot.

Slimming Tip: You can make this dish more slimming by using low fat low sodium chicken broth. Or better yet, vegetable broth.

Chocolate Fudge Overnight Oats [Better Choice]

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If you’re a chocolate lover, you’ve gotta try this grab and go breakfast. Just mix everything the night before, store in the fridge, and in the morning grab your jar. Top it off with your favorite fruit and you’ve got a breakfast that isn’t just delicious and convenient, it’s also bursting with nutrition!

Vegetable Posole Soup [Best Choice]

This soup is one of my favorites for quite a few reasons. First, it’s chock full of fiber, while low in calories and fat. Secondly, it’s really filling. It also doesn’t hurt that everyone can personalize it. So if you have family members that want meat, they can add that on with their favorite toppings. Lastly, I have used this soup for parties in the fall, simply because it IS all about making it your own. So choose your favorite toppings, and have at it!

Lately I’ve skipped the tortilla strips for quinoa, making this soup a best choice for weight loss.

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