Recipe Round-Up Issue 44 of 2017

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Full Plate recipes help you lose weight because they’re both slimming and filling.

The more fiber a recipe contains the better it is for losing weight and filling you up.

We categorize our recipes 3 ways, good, better, best.

  • GOOD recipes contain an above average amount of fiber
  • BETTER recipes contain a higher amount of fiber
  • BEST recipes contain the highest amount of fiber

White Bean Blondies [Good Choice]

Image and Recipe Credit: Tiffany with

The beans replacing the flour in this recipe really helps manage the blood sugar when you’re eating sugar. But as we all know, eating sugar can derail your weight loss train, so remember this is a treat. So enjoy it on occasion, not on a daily basis.

Winter Vegetable Cobbler [Better Choice]

Image and Recipe Credit: Tricia with

One of my favorite recipes ever is my mother’s pot pie. So anything resembling it is a hit in my book.

All the vegetables in here should fill you up, but if you can certainly add in more beans if you’d like a more hearty dish. Lentils would work wonderfully in this dish.

Slimming tip: A lot of calories are wrapped up in that biscuit topping. But you can cut the butter and cheese in half and use unsweetened almond milk for a more slimming dish.

Rosemary Roasted Delicata Squash [Best Choice]

Image and Recipe Credit: Lisa and Anna with

Delicata are the tiny yellow squash you find in stores. The size makes it a good deal easier to cut and cook than the larger squashes, making this recipe a great deal faster to prepare! And it’s just the perfect dish to serve as the temperature outside begins to dip.

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