Recipe Round-Up Issue 41 of 2017

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Full Plate recipes help you lose weight because they’re both slimming and filling.

The more fiber a recipe contains the better it is for losing weight and filling you up.

We categorize our recipes 3 ways, good, better, best.

  • GOOD recipes contain an above average amount of fiber
  • BETTER recipes contain a higher amount of fiber
  • BEST recipes contain the highest amount of fiber

Thai Turkey Brown Rice Lettuce Wraps [Good Choice]

Image and Recipe Credit: Julia with

You’re probably keeping an eye out for sales on turkey. Save this recipe for Thanksgiving leftovers.

This recipe shows how lettuce can replace traditional egg roll wrappers (no more deep-frying!), it’s a great way to try out brown rice because it’s not the main ingredient. Add even more veggies and this dish becomes so much more more slimming. Think mung bean sprouts, thinly sliced cucumbers, and diced bell peppers.

Slimming Tip: Remember, the turkey does not have the high fiber and water we are watching for. Replace as much as you dare with more vegetables.

10 minute White Bean Parmesan Soup [Better Choice]

Image and Recipe Credit: Karina with

It’s soup season! I get really excited about fall because soup is one of the easiest ways to get my kids to eat vegetables. This was the second soup I made last week. It won’t be the last time, either. Especially, when it’s this quick to make.

Slimming Tip: The two ingredients that keep this from being a [Best Choice] soup are cheese and sugar. Eliminate those if possible or use as little as you can.

Raw Applesauce [Best Choice]

Recipe Credit:

It’s applesauce season, too! And if you don’t want to lose all the valuable fiber like in traditional sauce recipes, use this recipe. It’s way faster, too.

If the apples aren’t particularly good, you can also cook them and then add to the blender.

Don’t limit yourself to apples! We came across some peaches at the end of the season that, well, tasted like they were over. This same cook-and-blend method was a huge hit.

Any seasonings you would normally add to apple or peach pie are yummy here–nutmeg, cloves, vanilla, cinnamon. . .you get the picture.

Slimming Tip: Apples are at peak. Don’t add sweetener unless you come across some unflavorful ones.

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