Recipe Round-Up Issue 40 of 2017

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Full Plate recipes help you lose weight because they’re both slimming and filling.

The more fiber a recipe contains the better it is for losing weight and filling you up.

We categorize our recipes 3 ways, good, better, best.

  • GOOD recipes contain an above average amount of fiber
  • BETTER recipes contain a higher amount of fiber
  • BEST recipes contain the highest amount of fiber

Sheet Pan Pancakes [Good Choice]

Image and Recipe Credit:

Typical pancakes are just a glorified cake, smothered in butter and syrup. No wonder they’re not a slimming food. But this delightful recipe turns pancakes into a real healthy treat – one you can look forward to without any guilt whatsoever. And because they’re baked in a pan, you can save quite a bit of time in the kitchen.

Slimming Tip: Keep this breakfast on the slimming side by leaving off half of the syrup and using sweet fruit as topping instead.

Spaghetti Squash Casserole [Better Choice]

Image and Recipe Credit: Maria with

This is the best time of year to try out a spaghetti squash casserole! The squash is in season, which makes it both fresh and tender as well as cheap. And when flavored just right in this Italian casserole, you will have a hard time walking away from seconds.

In fact, you don’t have do, because unlike pasta, squash is crazy low in calories. Which means you can eat more…A LOT MORE…without gaining weight.

Autumn Squash Soup [Best Choice]

Image and Recipe Credit: Mila with

Just one creamy bite of the spicy sweet Autumn Squash Soup at Panera had me searching for the recipe. Turns out there are quite a few versions out there. I chose this one because it uses fruit and veggies to create a creamy soup instead of relying on half and half. Lots of fiber with a lot less fat will always equal out a slimming dish.

Slimming Tip: Use Lite Coconut Milk to reduce the fat and calories in this soup.

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