Recipe Round-Up Issue 22 of 2017

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Full Plate recipes help you lose weight because they’re both slimming and filling.

The more fiber a recipe contains the better it is for losing weight and filling you up.

We categorize our recipes 3 ways, good, better, best.

  • GOOD recipes contain an above average amount of fiber
  • BETTER recipes contain a higher amount of fiber
  • BEST recipes contain the highest amount of fiber

Unicorn Nice Cream [Better Choice]

Image and Recipe Credit:

There’s nothing boring about this decadent ice cream made from fruit and coconut cream. Bold colors like blue, pink, purple, and yellow make it look and taste like a gourmet ice cream created at a dessert shop. No worries though, you just need a blender and a freezer. The two hour freezing time is totally worth it!

Slimming Tip: Stick to the low fat, low sugar versions of cream to keep this truly weight loss friendly. So Delicious Light CocoWhip is a great choice.

Corn, Avocado, Black Bean Salad [Best Choice]

Image and Recipe Credit: Katie with

As far as refreshing salads go, this is a hit in the summertime. Fresh corn and tomatoes add a burst of flavor that’s lacking in the wintertime. Serve it as a side to your favorite burrito or enchilada meal, or as a meal in itself. Just add chips!

Creamy Coconut Lentil Curry [Better Choice]

Image and Recipe Credit: Kristen with

As far as curries go, this one is pretty mild, since it doesn’t use curry powder. Rather, it relies on typical Indian spices like ginger, coriander and cumin to really amp up the flavor. Serve over brown rice and you’ve got yourself a delicious lunch or dinner all made up of slimming ingredients.

A lot of people dismiss curry because it’s too strong. If that’s the case for you, simply cut the turmeric, coriander, ginger, and cumin in half. Curry is a spicy stew served on top of rice, so you can adjust the spices as you see fit, and still enjoy the recipe.

Slimming Tip: Keep this recipe weight loss friendly by using light coconut milk.

Sweet Potato Waffles with Blueberry Sauce [Good Choice]

Image and Recipe Credit: Emilie with

Here’s a fun way to add vegetables to your breakfast – make sweet potatoes into waffles. Not only are they already sweet and fluffy, but you get to skip some of the flour so they’re perfect for loved ones that are sensitive to gluten. The blueberry sauce makes for a guilt free topping that’s every bit as sweet as pancake syrup – but so much more healthy!

Zucchini Noodles [Best Choice]

Image and Recipe Credit: Elana with

If you’ve ever wanted to try zoodles, here’s an easy and tasty recipe. Once you make the noodles, you can top them off with your favorite pasta toppings, or add them to your salads. The leftovers make the perfect side to a dinner that’s already high in calories – like lasagna or pizza!

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