Prescription 2016: Supplement Planning for Success

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Dietary supplements fall into a somewhat murky part of the current healthcare pond. They’re not really food, but they generally contain elements found in food. They’re not really medications, but they often have medicinal effects. Because nutritional supplements straddle the world between traditional and modern medicine, they are frequently not used in an optimal manner.

My defining philosophy about supplementation is as follows: 1) Ideally, supplements should be used to complement a nutrient-dense diet. Supplements should not give license to eating unhealthfully in the hope that they’ll “balance things out”. 2) In most instances, food-based supplements (essential fats, minerals, multivitamins, probiotics, etc.) are meant to be taken on a daily basis and, frequently, more than once daily because of the limited amount of time that they remain active in the body. For all intents and purposes, skipping supplements is akin to eating unhealthfully for a meal or a day or passing on a dose of prescribed medication. 3) Supplements should be tailored to your personal needs as best as possible, taking into consideration diet, genetics, health-related goals and medical history. 4) Unless specifically directed otherwise, most nutritional supplements are best taken with food that contains some healthy fat. Fat soluble nutrients and phytochemicals are absorbed better when consumed in this manner.

Item number two on my list deals with the importance of consistency. By far, the best way I know to encourage consistency in myself and my clients is to prepare supplements in advance. Once a week, I set up my assembly line of supplements and put daily doses in small, individual zip lock baggies marked “AM” + “PM”. The entire process typically takes me about a half hour. Once the tiny zip lock bags are filled and labeled, I store them in a dark, dry container. Light and moisture tend to degrade and/or lead to spoilage and supplement instability. But, portioning in advance allows me to have my supplements ready in one small packet to take at home or grab and go and take to work or on the road as needed.

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Study 1 – Lifestyle and Other Factors Explain One-Half of the Variability (link)

Study 2 – Long-Term Adherence and Effects on Grip Strength and Upper Leg (link)

Study 3 – Patient-Reported Adherence to Empiric Vitamin/Mineral … (link)

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Study 5 – Pre-Pregnancy Obesity and Non-Adherence to Multivitamin Use (link)

Example of 2″ x 3″ Morning & Evening Supplement Packets

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