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Curious what The Full Plate Weight Loss Program has to offer?

Here’s a quick tour to break it all down.

Easy, Doable Small Steps

We believe lasting weight loss happens best as a series of small, easy steps instead of a burst of radical but difficult changes.

That is why the Full Plate Weight Loss Program is delivered via 16 video based lessons that break down a healthy lifestyle into small steps you can slowly incorporate into your daily routine.

Because you advance through the program at your own pace you can spend as much time as you need with each step.

lesson page

Each lesson features links to extra resources that make it easier to practice the material you’ve learned in the lesson.

You can play your lessons on your mobile device wherever you have access to the internet. 

Finding Full Plate Living has been life-changing for me. If you had designed it just for me, this is what you’d have come up with. I know that I’m going to be a healthy happy old lady and that was my goal. I’ve learned skills that helped us when my husband’s diet needed to change to low-salt and to control his diabetes, a few changes that make a huge difference. I hope other people can benefit as we have.

– Lynne

Daily Motivation and Encouragement

With Full Plate you are never alone. Our members-only private Facebook community is a safe place to enjoy daily motivation, ask for encouragement and receive support from the Full Plate team as well as other members participating in the course with you.

Private Facebook Community page screen shot

Its also a great place to access exclusive content – such as daily slimming supper recipes, facilitate group discussions and participate in motivating challenges.

It’s fun to share with all of the community members and see what they are doing. It’s great to have a safe place to share in our health and weight loss journey.

– Connie

Practical Tips on How to Overcome Obstacles

The road to permanent weight loss is paved with many obstacles, which we’ll tackle head on during our bi-monthly workshop calls with our professional staff.

Q&A calls are recorded so even if you can't be there live you won't miss a thing.

Once a topic is presented, you’ll have a chance to discuss practical ways you can use to make the small steps easier to incorporate for you.

The staff is present to answer any questions you might have about the topic, and other member’s questions might spark new ideas for making the program work for you.

The resources Full Plate Living provides through answering questions, watching videos, providing very small group calls with their excellent dietitian Dr. Diana Fleming & motivational topics from their specialist Lonnie, Q&A calls and support makes this an excellent program.

– Darlenee

Expert Advice and Support

With Full Plate, you don’t have to problem solve on your own. Our coaches are there to support you through every nuance of the program, especially when you feel stuck or need some advice on how to move forward. These group support sessions are available a couple times a week.

Signing up for your appointment is easy:

coaching call sample - pick the day

Pick a time for your appointment

If you’re looking for more personalized help, our Private Coaching Package is the perfect fit! You get 10 one-on-one calls with our coaches so you can really drill down on any issues that you wish to solve.

Having such expert advice from leading professionals has helped me key in on my own personal issues and that has been invaluable.

– Terri

Take The First Step Toward Permanent Weight Loss

The hardest step to take is often the first one. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the changes you have to make.

That’s why we created The Full Plate Weight Loss Program – to help guide you towards the reward of slimming down, looking great and feeling healthy again.

It gives you a step-by-step plan for how to lose weight during in a way that lasts.

In a way that can become permanent.

The program is enrolling now but the doors are closing soon.

Click here to learn more.

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