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 Hi friends! I hope you’re all enjoying this shiny new year so far Thank you SO much for all of your support with the revamped post baby bod plan. I’m so excited to share it with mamas and expecting friends out there, and am so thankful to those of you who have helped me spread the word. Don’t forget that if you order before the 16th, you’ll get the new advanced plan for FREE ($49 value).

In the past, I’ve shared my inspiration boards with you all. Back in the day, I’d make them pretty with sparkly paper, magazine cut-outs, and little doodles. Then with Pinterest was invented, I started trying to catch up with technology and made Pinterest inspiration boards. They really didn’t do the same thing for me. I like being able to see my goals, and take steps each day towards accomplishing them. I’ll still be pinning inspiration on Pinterest, but I’ve also written the following goals down in my planner, and of course doodled them a little since I’m still 11 years old.

(Looooove my Erin Condren planner with sugar skulls)

I’m going to share some of my personal, professional and health goals with ya below, and would love to hear yours, too! 


-Continue to work to be a kinder, more patient, present, compassionate, version of myself. I want to be the best mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend I can be.

My super fiery Latina personality has mellowed out a LOT over the years, especially as I’ve had to accept a lot of the unexpected. Even now, when I feel myself start to get impatient or frustrated, I take a second to breathe and focus on the present. I can feel my anxiety ramping up again as we get ready to head to Georgia, so my meditation practice is coming back with greater consistency.


-I’d really like to finish my MBA. When I dropped out, it was the right decision at that time, but it’s bothering me that I was so close and didn’t finish. I’ve talked to the college in Valdosta about finishing up, and while I may lose some of my credits that expired, it may be worthwhile to just do it. It’s like an unchecked box in my brain, and it’s driving me bonkers. 

-Focus on our marriage. I feel like it’s worthwhile to be honest since I know that many of you may be going through similar things. After the reflux disaster and my medical issues, then the Pilot finishing his Masters, we found ourselves very much in “work mode.” Now that things are calming down a little bit, even though they’re going to get a lot more hectic with his work schedule after we move, we need to spend some time on *us.* We need to plan some dates, and focus on being husband and wife instead of colleagues. 

-TRAVEL! I love looking forward to the upcoming year for travel. I’ll be headed to Hawaii for a press trip, we have a NY getaway planned, and I’m also pumped to take the girls to Disney World and Jacksonville. If we could sneak a trip to Italy in there, it would since I’ve been officially begging to go back for like 3 years now. 


I always tend to make pretty lofty goals for myself on the professional front, and even if I don’t hit them, it pushes me out of my comfort zone. And most of the time, it’s exactly what I needed to do to make things happen! (Huge ones were writing HIIT It!, launching post baby bod, and producing “Soli Beat.”)

Here are 5 professional goals for the new year:

-Launch post baby bod and post baby bod advanced. These are on the way! The content has been finished for a while, but now the designers are working their magic, my web guy is putting together the techie stuff, and I’m writing all of the bonus + launch content. So excited to share these!! Remember that you can order PBB here and get the advanced version for free if you order before the 16th. We’re also doing an online accountability group starting on the 16th. 

-Create a workout video platform. This has been a goal for a long time, and one of the reasons I stopped making so many YouTube videos was because the quality was killing me. My tripod did the trick, and I’m not necessarily looking for movie quality every time, but I really want to get some professionally-filmed and edited videos together for you. The good news is that we’ll be in Tucson for a little while, so Grant and I can rock and roll through as many as possible. The question is, would you guys rather have this be online or through an app? What’s easier and more convenient for you?? Also I think apps are $$$$$$$$ so we shall see how I can do this.

-Hit Director through Beautycounter. I am so thrilled to be apart of this mission with some passionate, inspiring, and hardworking ladies. Our team is crushing it, and I’ve been thisclose to hitting Director a couple of times. I’m excited to keep working with Beautycounter -I mention it on the blog here and there, but it’s a significant part of the “behind the scenes” stuff- and it’s been refreshing to have something different that I feel so passionate about. I usually don’t get this pumped up unless it’s working on health and fitness-related stuff, so it’s exciting to have another thing I enjoy so much. If you’re revamping your skincare in the new year for safer products, or if you’re a go-getter who would like to join our powerhouse team, please let me know!

-Find new teaching spots!! I think I’ll be focusing on Spin and barre in Valdosta, and maaaayyyyyybe dipping my toes into the yoga teaching pool. Also it took my forever to really fall in love with Pilates, and now that I’m obsessed, it would be fun to explore certification options.


-Practice yoga more regularly, and explore a new yoga “home” when we get to Valdosta. I heard they have a hot yoga studio now (YES!) and I’ll definitely be taking and teaching Spin. 

-Continue to strength train regularly. I’ve been consistent with strength training since college, but it’s still important to me, and I know I want to continue to make it a priority. 

-Continue to work PT and alignment strategies into my routine. I don’t do full sit-ups anymore, or many versions of crunches. I also really work n breathing, core stabilization, and making sure that I’m not *cheating* in my exercises haha. I used to plie squat from my KNEES since I wasn’t rotating from my hips enough. I’m excited to continue to learn more and make my personal routine as exciting yet safe as possible. I’ve actually considered going back to school to be a PT, but since I’d basically have to get another Bachelor’s from scratch (turns out a Finance degree is not multipurpose), it doesn’t seem likely.

-Keep up the clean eating. I haven’t really written about it, because I didn’t know if it was going to be a short-term or longer term thing, but for the most part, I’ve cut out sugar and refined flours. Sure, I’ll have some pizza, dessert or bread here or there -I’m not a robot haha- but I realized how much better I feel without sugars in my life. I don’t believe in absolutes, and life is nicely danced in the grey line instead of black and white, but for the most part, but I’ve been mostly sticking with healthy, whole foods, and found that my energy is so much better.

So there we have it! Goals, goals, goals. I’d love to hear yours! 

What’s a professional, personal, and health goal you’ve set for the year?



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