Dear Alyssa – Month 8

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Dear Alyssa-

Here we are with a month 8 recap, albeit about a week late…but I didn’t forget! In case you missed previous updates, you can read them here:

And just for fun, here is Squish’s 8-month update.

8 months

This month was by far your biggest month. Most noteably, YOU’RE FINALLY SLEEPING!!! Can I get a hallelujah?! Your brother finally figured out how to crawl out of the crib, which means he upgraded to his big boy bed and we moved the crib into your room. Until a few weeks ago you were sleeping in the pack and play in our room.

You took the transition to your crib and sleeping in your own room like a champ. You now typically go to sleep around 8 or 8:30 in your crib and sleep until 3:30 or 4. I feed you, put you back in your crib and you usually sleep until around 7am. AND you’ve started napping in your crib. Now that we’ve closed the gym, we’re home most mornings which means you can get a solid morning nap for the first time in your life. You usually go down around 9:30 and sleep for about 2 hours. After 7 months of pretty much no sleep for either of us (at night or during the day), this mama is in heaven. Most days you’ll take a second nap around 4pm but it’s typically fairly short.

8 months

In other news, you’ve figured out how to crawl. You’ve been figuring it out for a few weeks now and crawling a few feet at a time but last week something clicked and you’re all over the place now! You also figured out how to stand up and love to pull yourself up to stand at the ottoman, couch, mommy and daddy’s legs and more! This is very similar to the timeline your brother followed as I was writing about all of these things in his 8 month update as well.

One thing you’re ahead of him on is teeth! We had a few rough days that required Tylenol because your first TWO teeth came in on the bottom!!

8 months

As far as food goes, you love it. I thought your brother ate a lot but you are definitely holding your own and eating as much if not more than he did at this age. We’re doing a modified babyled weaning approach with you as well…which basically means we don’t do purees, but I give you small pieces instead of big chunks to gnaw on because I just can’t get over my choking anxiety. We have yet to find a food you don’t like. After a little allergy scare where you got a red patch on your face after having peanut butter and I was worried you had an allergy, we’ve determined that it was just a coincidence and you in fact tolerate peanut butter just fine! You love Cheerios, fruit, corn, sweet potatoes, noodles, muffins, meat and more! This upcoming month I plan to introduce you to yogurt and a few other types of nut butter!

8 months

You’re still nursing, although the frequency is decreasing. Your best nursing session is your one early morning wakeup. You also do pretty well when you wake up a second time. During the day it’s hit or miss, depending on how distracted you are but I usually sneak in 1-2 sessions and then a longer one before bed. Unfortunately, you seem to have inherited your brother’s pooping issues so we’re battle poop pains and constipation just like we did with him, however, it’s not quite as extreme as it was with him.

8 months

Speaking of your brother, you love him! You continue to have nothing but smiles for him and watch his every move like a hawk. I have a feeling the month ahead will be a little rough now that you’ve figured out how to crawl and you have an eye for his toys. His splits his energy between ignoring you, saying “No Lyssie” when you touch his stuff and occasionally being heart-meltingly sweet to you.


Other activities this month:

  • We celebrated Father’s Day.
  • We visited a few splash pads
  • You became even more attached to your lovie blanket to sleep with
  • You attempt to put anything and everything in your mouth
  • You’ve developed an insanely loud pterydactyl-type screech if I don’t feed you fast enough
  • We went blueberry picking
  • You had your first babysitter
  • Mimi and grandpa visited
  • We made several trips to the library

8 months

Mama loves you, sweet girl. After so many months of tears, it’s so much fun to have a baby that’s happy and smiley most of the time – unless you’re tired or mommy or daddy leave you. I’m sure next month will be equal parts challenging and exciting as you embrace your newfound mobile freedom!



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