Day Three: complete.

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Day Three: complete.

Let me first say that day 3 was, by all accounts, a huge success. My feet had been the big problem days one and two but it appears that they are beginning to callous, which is heavenly. Mile 18 today, about a mile from my finishing point, I made my way into Sycamore Wilderness Canyon park. 

The name alone should have tipped me off to whether or not I should attempt it with Charles the Stroller. Needless to say there were some ill-fated attempts to cross some sketchy-ass trails, a lot of loud cuss words, and a shameful walk back to the main road after losing an hour or so of daylight. It could have been worse, but it was frustrating as hell.

All told, 19 miles were completed and I’ve scouted out a solid camping spot here in Eastern Riverside. Back at it bright and early tomorrow morning.

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